The Independent Path: Building a Client Base from Scratch

For financial advisors looking to expand their clientele, the question of how to attract more clients is paramount. This challenge is universal, touching everyone from seasoned veterans to those just breaking into the industry. The truth is, there’s no mystical formula or hidden secret that unlocks a flood of new clients. Success in this arena […]

Financial Advisory Practice: Building Your Own Dream To Reality

Embarking on the journey to establish your own financial advisory practice marks the beginning of a thrilling chapter in your professional life. Transitioning from working within the confines of a broker-dealer or wirehouse environment, where numerous decisions are made on your behalf, to setting up your own advisory firm presents a unique set of challenges […]

How to Create a Financial Advisor Business Plan

The notion of crafting a business plan often takes a backseat for many financial advisors, seen more as an initiative for budding entrepreneurs rather than established professionals. The apprehension tied to formulating a business plan can stem from its perceived complexity or unfamiliarity.    However, the distinction between an ordinary practice and an elite one […]

Optimizing the Transition Journey for Independent Financial Planners

independent financial planners

At Integrated Financial Group (IFG), we specialize in supporting independent financial planners on their journey towards independence—a path filled with distinct opportunities and challenges. Cultural shifts have broadened the client base and allowed advisors to customize their practice, making independence a feasible option for all. However, like all new ventures, some lessons are best learned […]

Choosing the Right 5-Year Plan for Financial Advisors

The financial planning landscape is in a state of flux, shifting towards inorganic growth through the absorption of smaller firms by larger entities and equal mergers. It’s what Bob Veres, the esteemed editor and publisher of Inside Information and Financial Planning Magazine, refers to as the “Age of Consolidation”.   As a financial advisor, you […]

8 Keys to High Level Production for Financial Advisors

In this blog, we’ll go over 8 keys to high-level production, so that you can continue to develop your independent financial planning practice into a thriving business.   It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks of helping your clients in reaching their long-term financial goals. However, anticipating and planning for the future […]

How to Navigate Client Segmentation for Financial Advisors

If you thought that playing favorites was just for the schoolyard, think again. We’re about to let you in on an open secret of the marketing world: client segmentation. It’s a bit like picking your favorite child (not that we’d ever do that!).    But it is all about recognizing that not all clients are […]

Going Independent as a Financial Advisor: 6 Signs It’s Time

If you’re already thinking of going independent as a financial advisor, you’ve likely seen it all when it comes to the pros and cons of being affiliated with a large corporate wirehouse entity. While there are certainly benefits like name recognition and marketing support that come with managing assets within their established systems, you’ve also […]

Guide to Onboarding New Clients: 7-Step Timeline for Success

As an independent financial advisor, you understand that kick-starting a relationship with your clients begins with a seamless process for onboarding new clients. It’s more than just an initial step; it’s the foundation for a lasting, successful client relationship. Having a streamlined system in place isn’t merely beneficial; it’s critical. A well-oiled routine not only […]

SEO for Financial Advisors: 13 Essential Strategies for Success

In an era where client acquisition and retention have become synonymous with online visibility, it’s imperative for independent financial advisors to dig deep into the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yes, we know the idea of this magic “front of line pass” that is SEO can be daunting. But when you break it down, […]