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Your journey to becoming a member of Integrated Financial Group starts here. We choose our members like the best financial planners choose their clients – and we take pride in that. We maintain strict requirements for joining in order to ensure our community is composed of advisors that are committed to learning, contributing, and planning with intention for their futures.

At Integrated Financial Group, we believe in fostering a culture of excellence, and this begins with our selection process. Our advisors are expected to uphold the highest standards of knowledge and professionalism, emphasizing continuous learning and growth. This ensures that every member is not only capable of navigating the complexities of the financial landscape but also dedicated to providing the highest caliber of service to their clients.


We understand that the role of a financial advisor extends beyond mere wealth management. It involves building lasting relationships, understanding clients’ unique financial goals, and devising strategies that safeguard their futures. Therefore, we seek members who are not only adept at managing finances but are also deeply committed to the well-being of their clients. Our advisors take a holistic approach to financial planning, considering every aspect of their clients’ lives to create comprehensive, personalized financial strategies.


Our membership criteria are stringent because we aim to cultivate a community where advisors can collaborate, share insights, and contribute to each other’s success. We believe that a collaborative environment enriches the professional lives of our members, leading to better outcomes for their clients. By joining Integrated Financial Group, you will be part of a supportive network of top-tier professionals who are as passionate about financial planning as you are.


See if you qualify today. Your journey with Integrated Financial Group is not just about joining an organization; it’s about becoming part of a family dedicated to excellence in financial planning. If you share our commitment to integrity, innovation, and client-focused service, we encourage you to take the first step toward becoming a part of our esteemed group.

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  • Firm Information
  • Time Management Analysis
  • Investment Management Process
  • Technology & Marketing Profiles
  • Staff & HR Benefit Information
  • Current Opportunities & Challenges